Walking Tours in iOS 6

The image of the Hoffbraeuhaus stop of the walki-talki.com walking tour of Munich.

Until we get our hands on that elusive iPhone 5, we cannot guarantee that walki-talki.com’s app tours of Europe will play without problems, but we are quite confident that they will work just fine, and we can confirm as of now that our app tours play well on iOS 6. We have upgraded all of our iPhone 4 operating systems to iOS 6, and we have yet to encounter any incidents with playback of the tours. If you have upgraded your iPad, iPhone or iPod operating system to iOS 6, you will not have any problems taking the walki-talki.com self guided mp3 audio walking tours of top European destinations.

This is a good opportunity to remind everyone of our ongoing sales:

London: only 99 cents in the App Store and $1.99 in our online store, through September 30, 2012.

Edinburgh: only 99 cents in the App Store and $1.99 in our online store, through September 30, 2012.

Munich: $1.99 in the App Store and $1.50 in our online store.

As always, remember that the mp3 packages sold through our online store will play on any device capable of mp3 playback.

Thirsty? Beer is Brewing in Munich

That great, famous, hallowed tradition of Oktoberfest is about to start in Munich. Millions will descend upon the storied city, and a few will manage to depart sober. One potential danger is partaking in a guided tour at this time would, therefore, be forgetting the contents of the tour possibly because of the inebriated state of mind in which many tour members–including you–may find themselves.

Under normal conditions, this tour would be a complete wash because one is rarely inclined to pay for the tour and to conform to the tour operator’s schedule twice in one vacation. What can you do to protect yourself against this contingency? That would be to buy a self-guided mp3 audio tour of Munich or, better yet, an app walking tour of Munich.

As luck would have it, walki-talki.com sells both! And, both version of our walking tour of Munich will be on sale through October. The mp3 package will sell for only $1.50 and our app walking tour be only $1.99 starting September 14 through October 31, 2012. That’s one-third the average price of a liter of beer at Oktoberfest. So, drink up! If you forget the tour, you can repeat it whenever you want.

Or, perhaps use the walking tours as a much needed break between the endless festivities at Oktoberfest. Any which way you use this walking tour of Munich, you will have a bargain that befitting the sophisticated culture of Munich. Oktoberfest is a good reason to visit Munich, but you owe yourself to take this tour to appreciate its magnificent history. It will cost you less than $2, with our compliments. Most importantly, you will learn the critical connection that unites monks, Munich and Oktoberfest.

Briefs from the Edinburgh Fringe

BBC News – Stewart Francis’s Posh and Becks joke Fringe ‘funniest’

It was no sooner had we mentioned the peculiar charm of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival that the results of one of its many comedy contests made the headlines at BBC News (link above). Whether you think these one-liners are gems or turkeys is a matter of taste, and pushing the boundaries of taste is a stated mission of the Fringe.

David and Victoria Beckham have children called Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper Seven. (From the BBC article linked above)

Alas, the Edinburgh International Festival and the Fringe end this weekend, and we will be left to wait and to wonder for a year to see what new flavors are brewing.

Until then, we are happy to provide you with a minor treat. Our walking tours of Edinburgh are both on sale through September 30. Get the mp3 package that plays on any device at our online store, and get the fabulously easy to use iPhone app tour through The App Store.

Small consolation, but a bargain that cannot be beat.

The Disappearing Fringe of Edinburgh

Stewart Lee: the slow death of the Edinburgh Fringe | Culture | The Guardian

The Edinburgh International Festival is an annual month-long celebration of all varieties of art: fine art, film, performance, theater, music and forms that a neophyte like this writer cannot conceive. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the “alternative” festival that has regaled those with more adventurous taste in art to a cornucopia of bizarre, unsavory, irreverent, exceptionally imaginative and positively out of the mainstream fare. As The Guardian’s Stewart Lee recounts in the article linked above, true to its name, the Fringe Festival is slowly disintegrating into fringes of fringes of fringes.

Castlehill stop of the Edinburgh walking tour.Castlehill stop of the Edinburgh walking tour.

This comes as quite a shame to me because I had the great pleasure of seeing one of the great pieces that was staged at the Fringe in Los Angeles a few years ago. The play was Black Watch, and it was an unusually staged, powerful and extremely thought-provoking view of the transformation of the legendary Scottish military group named Black Watch. It was the sort of performance that forces the viewer to re-evaluate the status quo, to begin a serious quest for one’s soul and moral compass, and to feel connected to the players and the history they portray by virtue of the very unusual staging in which the audience was literally on stage.

Mr. Lee’s lament should serve as an encouragement to those who have a healthy appetite for non-mainstrem art (like me) to hurry up before the fringe dissipates into an intractable, unrecognizable border.

The festivals are on now and continue through the first week of September. To enhance your visit to the festival ever so slightly, walki-talki.com is going to reduce the price on it’s app walking tour of Edinburgh to 99 cents and it’s mp3 audio walking tour of Edinburgh to $1.99 through September 30th to match our ongoing sale on our London walking tours. If you’re going to find yourself in Edinburgh or London, grab our tours, visit the above links to plan your trip to the Edinbrugh International Festival, and lose yourself in art. The Olympics may be over, but the party continues in Ediburgh.

Color Us Red

Calamity strikes when you least expect it. We were so excited to be giving away a brand spanking new build of our London app walking tour of London. Everything went smoothly, and the app was released the night before our giveaway began. Most unfortunately, a pesky bug found its way into the London app, and the London app only.

We went into overdrive, and managed to get the fix approved by Apple and released to the world today. To affirm our commitment to the customers who had downloaded the free tour and our commitment to the giveaway, we are extending the giveaway of the London app walking tour through August 6, 2012, the end of the 2012 London Olympic games. Beginning August 7, 2012, the same tour will be only 99 cents through September 30, 2012.

So, if you are going to find yourself in London between now and the end of September, go to the App Store. We have your London walking tour covered.

If you don’t have an iPhone, we still have you covered. The London mp3 self guided walking tour will is available at our online store for 99 cents, and we will continue that sale through September 30, 2012, as well.

Free Walking Tour of London for the 2012 Olympics

The 2012 London Olympics are about to start. If you don’t have Olympic fever, that’s ok, but for those who have Olympic

walki-talki.com iPhone/iOS App Tour of Londonwalki-talki.com iPhone/iOS App Tour of London will be free for two days, and only 99 cents for the duration of the London Olympics.

fever so bad that you went as far as booking a holiday in London, we have a treat for you. Beginning Monday July 23, 2012, through Tuesday, July 24, 2012, the walki-talki.com iPhone app tour of London will be free! That’s correct. We are giving away one of our most popular tours for free for 48 hours.

And, just in case you miss the giveaway, we will continue to offer the London app walking tour for only 99 cents through August 6, 2012. That’s correct, our top selling iOS app walking tour of London will be only $0.99 for the duration of the Olympic Games.

During the same period, July 23 – August 6, 2012, the mp3 version of our London tour will be only 99 cents through our online store.

So, if you need a break from the pandemonium of the Olympics and of London itself, grab your iPhone or mp3 player and take leisurely stroll along the famed Thames river. See the attractions at your own pace, and see a side of London not being blasted to you in all the marketing.

If you are making other stops in Europe, grab any one of our other walking tours at our online store or The App Store.

Groupon Giveaway

We are happy to announce our first giveaway of 2012 in collaboration with Groupon UK. Groupon has generously provided us with a redemption coupon worth £30 (approximately $45) toward the purchase of anything on the Groupon UK web site at www.groupon.co.uk. This redemption code is valid for 5 months.

We will give away this redemption code to the person who purchases the 15th tour from our online store at store.walki-talki.com beginning tomorrow, May 6, 2012.

This is a perfect match for our customers because walki-talki.com offers the greatest bargain in audio walking tours of Europe, and Groupon UK is offering simply stellar bargains in European travel. This combination will allow you to save a substantial sum on journeys that are costing more every day.

Our colleagues at Groupon UK would like to tell you that the entire £30 redemption amount is yours to keep. If the item you purchase from Groupon UK costs less than £30, the balance will be deposited in your Groupon account for future purchases.

Bear in mind that your chances of winning this redemption code are excellent at 1 in 15 at worst! If people purchase more than one tour, then your chances of winning can be as good as 1 in 3 or in 2, even! And, since our audio walking tours cost a fraction of a standard walking tour, you don’t really lose. You get an expert walking tour for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

If you’re starting to plan your European trip for this summer, do not delay! Get your walki-talki.com audio walking tour, and save more if you win the Groupon UK redemption code.

The fine print: The redemption code is valid only at www.groupon.co.uk, and it can be used for any item you are eligible to buy on that site. The code is valid until September, 2012.

To be eligible to win you must purchase your tour(s) at http://store.walki-talki.com. Walking tour apps purchased through the App Store are not eligible because Apple does not provide the identifying information we need to deliver the redemption code.

We thank Groupon UK for entering into this collaboration with us, and we encourage you to take advantage of this fabulous opportunity right away! Travel is not getting any cheaper. Capitalize on this opportunity to save.

New Web Site Launched

On March 1, 2012, walki-talki.com launched our new online store at http://store.walki-talki.com. The new web site is based on a much more updated store engine supplied by Zen Cart, and it features a much nicer, much cleaner theme.

In addition to better aesthetics, our new online store offers many new features.

  • Express checkout. One feature many had requested was the ability to buy a tour without registering at all. We now offer this feature! As soon as you are ready to check out, all you have to do is click the Paypal button in the shopping cart to go directly to Paypal and to pay for your tours. No registration, no hassles. Instant gratification, pure and simple. (Users will still need to register and/or log in to redeem discount coupons or promotional giveaways.)

    Express Checkout in the New walki-talki.com StoreExpress Checkout in the New walki-talki.com Store
  • Product Giveaways. The new more powerful store also affords us the ability to give products away. So, look out for more promotional giveaways!
  • Better Links and Advertising. For those who want to use walki-talki.com’s high Google ranking to build a good network, we now offer additional means to trade links. We can place your links in the right places, and we can offer you banners that really get the user’s attention.
  • Better Overall User Experience! With its much better organization, with the much crisper look and with the new, faster store engine, the new walki-talki.com store is guaranteed to provide all users with a better experience.
The New walki-talki.com Landing PageThe New walki-talki.com Landing Page

Lastly, our new landing page at www.walki-talki.com offers users two routes to take: one directly to the App Store where they can buy our walking tours as apps for any iOS device (iPhone, iPod, iPad), or a path to the aforementioned store.

So, get ready to go to Europe, and don’t forget walki-talki.com We have your walking tours planned.





Free Audio iOS App Tour of Munich!

As promised, the walki-talki.com monthly giveaways of app walking tours of Europe continues. The August giveaway is the app walking tour of Munich! For 48 hours beginning 12 AM ( 0 hours) August 30 until midnight (0 hours) September 1, 2011, the walki-talki.com app walking tour of Munich will be free on the App Store.

Hofraeuhaus, stop number 11 on the walking tour of Munich.

Are you planning on going to Munich for Oktoberfest? Are you spending your summer holiday in Munich? Then, get yourself the greatest bargain to be had in self guided audio walking tours. Walki-talki.com’s acclaimed walking tour of Munich will provide you with all of the essential details about the city of monks. Learn about Munich’s history as the center of an independent kingdom, find out why it is the city of monks, and find out why it is so famous for beer. Do it all as you walk around this beautiful and cosmopolitan European and global cultural center.

As with our previous giveaway, the self-guided mp3 audio walking tour package of Munich will sell for only 99 cents during the same period. In essence, that glass of famous Bavarian beer is on us. So, go to the App Store or to walki-talki.com, load up your iOS device (iPhone, iPad and iPod) or mp3 player or mobile phone and get to know all of the basics about Munich for free or 99 cents.

Once again, this giveaway will occur during the 48-hour period of August 30 and August 31, 2011.

Check this space often to see which tour we give away in September.

App Tour Giveaway: Edinburgh

Castlehill stop of the Edinburgh walking tour.

walki-talki.com announces our first product giveaway. For exactly one week, from Monday July 18, 2011, through Sunday July 24, 2011, you can download the app version of our self guided audio walking tour of Edinburgh from the App Store for free!

In keeping with tradition, we are offering the same reduction in price on the mp3 walking tour package of Edinburgh sold through our web site. The mp3 package will sell for $0.99 during the same period.

So, if you or anyone you know plans to be in Edinburgh this summer for the hell of it or for magnificent events like the International Art Festival, take advantage of this giveaway: free app tour, or an mp3 package for $0.99.

Check this space in August for our next giveaway.

Have fun in Edinburgh in the meantime.

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